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Welcome to Season 34

November 3, 2013

Dear Friends of Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra,

You may notice that the Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra is starting our season a little late this year. When we first began in the early 1980s, there were often 20 musicians or less performing and quite often, not many more people in the audience! As with any organization that is vital to its community, our steady stream of successes over recent years have taken us into a new realm. Our audiences have consistently grown in size and so has our musician's roster until we have reached a point where we need to pull back to re-organize and re-structure in order to continue. We are looking at several possibilities for redesigning management operations and fiscal responsibilities. Consequently, we have foregone our usual full orchestra concert this fall in favor of a small house concert on November 21st (a Thursday evening).

Seating only 100, the very elegant Clubhouse on Highland Avenue will be the venue for this event. Sponsored by the Birmingham Music Club and Patty McDonald, it will feature Craig Hultgren's child prodigy, the gifted young cellist Malik Kofi. In the summer of 2013, he won the prestigious Concerto Competition for his age group at the Philadelphia International Music Festival and just very recently this fall he appeared at the Kennedy Center. For our November concert, Malik will be performing the Boccherini-Greutzmacher Cello Concerto in Bb Major with members of the Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra.

Our mid winter concert, February 16, will again feature Birmingham Southern College's student winners of the Dorsey Whittington Concerto/Aria Competition. Lester Seigel, acting head of the music department at BSC, will conduct the chamber orchestra at BSC's Hill Hall in a program that celebrates the talents of their student competition winners. The orchestra's portion of the program will be the Hebrides Overture by Felix Mendelssohn and a Haydn Symphony.

The chamber orchestra has a tradition of moving the spring concert around the community, taking our live music into areas that might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear it. Only 35 minutes from downtown Birmingham, the new 400 seat Pell City Center Theater perfectly fills the bill. The May 4th 3 pm concert will be on the performance series of the Pell City Center and will feature an entertaining mix of orchestral and band favorites. Dennis Carroll, Band Director at Hoover High, will be conducting.

We will close out the season with our traditional Summer Solstice concert by the Red Mountain Chamber Players on June 22th at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The museum's recently opened gallery of English household objects will be the inspiration for 'Tea Time'. Featuring the Maddox English Gallery, the music will reflect the elegance and sophistication surrounding afternoon tea in 18th Century England. Come to the curator-led gallery talk at 2pm before the concert to learn about the collection.

As always, we thank you for your patronage and hope to see you at many of our events this season. Your participation is very important to us! Again, in addition, we would certainly appreciate any contribution you might like to make to cover our costs for rental/purchase of music, etc. Please mail your check to:

Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra
c/o Suzanne Beaudry
868 6th Street West
Birmingham, AL 35204

or bring it with you to a concert and drop it in our donations basket.

Part of our re-structuring efforts include pairing with other non-profit organizations to enhance both artistic events. One effect of this is the $15 ticket price for the Nov 21st Music Club Concert and the May 4, Pell City Center Concert. In both cases, the ticket price is solely to cover our expenses.

Another re-structuring goal we have is to improve our web site and keep it current with directions to concerts, photos, information about conductors and soloists and links to related sites. You may contact me, Suzanne Beaudry, at or David Agresti at